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Casa Dolce Casa and Casamood Tiles

Casa dolce casa is the brand designed for top tier residential architecture. Just as its name suggests, this brand is inspired by warmth, the harmony of the colors and natural surfaces. The rich and refined materials achieve a fine balance between the traditional and contemporary.

Casamood is a system of coordinated colors and surfaces that pairs porcelain stoneware with other types of materials (glass, paint, sealant). The rooms are conceived as a harmonious assembly where the architectural design atmosphere is closely connected with the interior design to construct new types of relationships.

Contemporanea Tiles

Eclectic in style and versatile in use, the Contemporanea collection was designed as a “contamination” of different styles. Contemporanea is distinguished by its attention to detail and meets the requirements of modern lifestyles and of a constantly evolving culture.

Contemporanea Tile sizes available:

45 x 45    30x60
60 x 60    30x30
6 x 6 (tessere mosaico)
10 x 60    15x15
3 x 3, 3x6, 5x5 (tessere mosaico)
7,5 x 30

Casamood Neutra tiles

Inspired by the artistic orientations of Richard Neutra, an architect who loves spaces with no barriers and colours that enhance spaciousness, the Neutra collection – the first-born of the Casamood project – lets you combine different colours and materials to achieve a perfect balance.

Casamood Neutra tile sizes available:

5 x 5 (tessere mosaico)
40 x 40
10 x 60
60 x 60
60 x 120
80 x 80
80 x 180


CasaDolceCasa Pietre 2 tiles

Pietre/2 re-interprets the appeal of natural stones, presenting them in new formats, processing them with advanced technologies and enriching them with modern decorations and innovative colours. The shades of colour obtained with the Casablend process infuse light and elegance in every tile.

Pietre 2 Sizes Available:

2,5 x 2,5, 2,5x10 5x5 (tessere mosaico)
10 x 10, 10 x 15,10  x60
40 x 40, 40 x 80
60 x 120
60 x 60
40 x 40 (octagon)
21 x 40 (listello sfalsato)

CasaDolceCasa Porcellana: Available in a 20x60 tile size

The Porcellana collection of solid-colour, white-body wall tiles completes the Casa Dolce Casa project inspired by Flemish design and architecture.
Coordinated with the Belgique, Pietre/2 and Cuoio collections, Porcellana tiles make any place an exclusive, elegant environment.

Casamood Vetro Glass Mosaic tiles

The sparkling plays of light and the precious materials of the Casamood Vetro collection give surfaces a sophisticated transparency, combining the latest trends in interior design with traditional mosaic work.

Neutra Vetro and Neutra Vetro Lux Glass Mosaic


Vetro Metalli Glass Mosaic


Vetro Neutra Melange Glass Mosaic

Vetro Chroma Glass Mosaic


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